Numb City Productions is a dynamic and creative youth-owned multi-media production company established in 2010. It is defined by its innovative approaches to urban and creative industry development and strives to be a leading example of youth-driven social entrepreneurship and collaboration. It has been at the forefront of initiatives to integrate the youth back into the Port Elizabeth inner city through multi-media, events, art, networks and special programmes for space-place engagement.

Numb City is involved in the public art consultancy, television and film, and marketing and events sectors of the creative industry. It specialises in generating high quality productions across a range of mediums: from print to film; digital to event production; and urbanscape to public art.

Through its work, it has established Numb City as one of the city's leading emerging creative industry consultants and multi-media SMMEs.

It has an accompanying social agenda to retain young, creative talent in the city by supporting the development of a competitive city and opening the Numb City vehicle to young people to use, offering administrative and skills support; and pulling on the young, creative network for joint projects.


Numb City Productions aims to help facilitate the development and growth of a robust arts and culture industry in Nelson Mandela Bay by networking between public and private sectors, connecting new young talent with established industry professionals and generate high quality productions across a range of mediums: from print to film; digital platforms to event production.


To be the most creative production company in Nelson Mandela Bay by strategically planning and integrating new, creative concepts pioneered by industry leaders while simultaneously taking inspiration from youth-orientated perspectives and ideas.


Members, and those who associate themselves with Numb City Productions, have a common interest in the well-being of life in Nelson Mandela Bay and the development of the arts and culture industry. It is for this reason that a special effort is made towards the development of art, media, design, photo, TV and film industries, assuring that talents and skills are nurtured in the city so it retains burgeoning talent and its young, vibrant professionals for long-term investment in the growth of Nelson Mandela Bay.

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